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New Personal Best @ Clastres Raceway!

Pied Moulé 1300cc OKRASA.

First time out... 11.18sec @ 193km/h.

VW Geers bug 1th time on the dyno!

Rebuilding the LEGEND...

1997 PRA record holder!

Porsche 912 356C 1600cc 90Hp

Engine and gearbox overhaul the PRO way...

First PRO Silver @ our dyno...

We changed this particular project because we wanted to make an engine with a lot of torque, a nice drivebility and a big milage, that's the reason we did add some modified 44 IDF Weber carb's.

Final result: 170hp /253Nm knowing the car has  200Nm of torque available from 2000Rpm!

We proudly announce the first PRO Platinum!

This amazing powerplant is cabable of producing 240Hp/300Nm.

At this particular dynorun, it made 192Hp/ 262Nm @ 10psi.

If our calculations are right, it will produce max power @ 21psi and it will pull 7000Rpm.

More to come so keep posted!


Engine assembly room:

From left to right:

PRO Platinum- PRO Stock- PRO Gold

Next engine after these engines will be another PRO Silver!

This Karmann Ghia project is taking shape.

This complete overhaul project is taking shape, after we took the car apart, we went to the body shop repair specialists " Carrosserie Eeckhout" who will bring this Karmann Ghia back to it's original glory.

Regarding the upholstery we asked Glenn from JGE Products to work his magic!

In the mean while we did a complete rebuild of the chassis with all it's components.

The car will be equiped with a PRO Silver engine, so the next stage is finishing the chassis so we can start the engine build.

So stay tuned and follow this awesome project.


Proformance drove the Budapest Rally with The Herbinator!

We're home after a breathtaking trip of 4488 Kms! What an adventure! Thanks to the whole crew of the Budapest Rally for the amazing organisation, lovely food, unique campsites,...

A big thanks to all the people who made this project possible!

The Herbinator was restored in a few months on the side... So thanks again to all those beautiful people who didn't gave up on this!!!

We already made a couple engines from our new line!!


And these are in the make     => The first Pro Blue Porsche 356 engine

                                               => A special Pro H2O Black engine for a VW T3

                                               => A Pro Black with some SPECIAL NEW DEVELOPMENTS

                                               => A remake of an older 'Proformance-engine' to a Pro Red/Black

                                               => A Pro Blue/Red T1 engine

                                               => A complete Karmann Ghia Restoration project!


Stay TUNED to follow us!

Remember         =>          =>           =>        Finish First, Start Profomance!!


                             Pro WHITE                                                                 Pro Blue






Experience a transformative innovation’s history of classic air- and watercooled performance engines.






Like Henry Ford already developed the Model T in 1908, a “car for the masses”

we will launch 110 years later a complete line of performance engines.


The PRO-O2 and PRO-H2O- Engine LINE.


Proformance was born exact 100 years later in 2008, now 10 years later we will launch the first line of professional street rod engines in Belgium.


Find out all the specifications of the different types of engines under "complete engines" on this website!


Pick your color and let that old beautiful Volkswagen move!


Happy New year and stay classy!


Ps: All orders made in January can enjoy an unique launch price!

Foto copyright: http://corporate.ford.com/innovation/100-years-moving-assembly-line.html

PORSCHE 914 with a customized 2.0l engine and PRO 002 heads made 140Hp/210Nm at the dyno...

This beautiful '58 beetle equipped with a 1776cc engine, PRO 002 heads and 40 IDF WEBER carburators, pulled out a nice 130Hp/180Nm!

Highly modified 1641cc T1 engine producing 124Hp/162Nm!

Daily driver 1641cc T1 engine producing 107Hp/151Nm.

Beautifull Porsche 914/4 modified with a brand new customized engine, producing 120Hp/198Nm.

With our new rally service we'll offer a wide range of services, from maintenance to customized engines and software.

SS SINGLE TIP EXHAUST NOW AVAILABLE!                                       Made in house from 430 stainless steel.

Extreme Stage 2+ tuning for this BMW 335i...420Hp/585Nm

Hughe Ford Raptor on the dyno with a house made cut-out system!

High quality welding jobs..click on the picture to check the sound!

F1 4 angle valve/seat job is now available on all type of cilinderheads! You can expect a gain in power and torque, from 10% to 200% in combination with our porting jobs we offer!

1915cc engine on the dyno with PRO 002 heads... 124.1Hp/196Nm.


Click on the picture to check them out!
Click on the picture to check them out!





WE HAVE A WINNER! BEST OF SHOW and PB of 12.7sec./400m. @ DDD11!


This time it's a 1950's customers split bug! Congrats to the owners!