PRO Stock

PROFORMANCE the next generation of aircooled engines, using state-of-the-Art technologies.




Capable of 70Hp/ 125Nm, this type 1 aircooled engine was created as a drop-in replacement for the stock type 1 12-1600cc power plants, it has now a capacity of 1585cc and features a stock head swirl port design.




● Machined and soda blasted Genuine VW T1 Crankcase

● Bore x stroke 85.5mm x 69mm

● Baby sump with internal oil filter

● Stock oil pump

● New oil cooler

● Grinded and balanced stock pulley /stock crankshaft/ flywheel/ clutch

● Regrinded rods

● All Kolbenschmidt bearings

● Stock camshaft with stock lifters

● Stock rockerarm assembly with 1.1 rockers and swivel feet

● Static compression ratio 8.0 to 1

● Stock heads

● Stock intake with a new Solex 34PICT-3 carburator

● Stock exhaust with heat exchangers

● Stock fuel pump

● Top quality

●These handcrafted blue printed engines are dyno tested and ready to install!

 ● Best of all, engines feature a 24 Month/ 50.000Km Warranty!




5.749,99 €

  • 100 kg
  • Unknown delivery time