Extra work can be done @ 60 €/ hour


● The replacement of the old engine by the new engine add 480.00 €


● Adding a breatherbox and connect it to the engine add 124.00 €


● The replacement of the firewall add 125.00 €


● Adding a new electrical fuel system like a Pierburg fuel pump, inclusive fuel filter and safety cut-out relais add 420.00 €


● Extra dyno session add 120 €/ hour


● New AS41 case with all the hardware add 1150.00 €


● Porsche style cooling add 1850.00 € for the fiberglass type and 2050.00€ for the carbon fiber type


● Conversion from dynamo to alternator add 320.00€


● Extra oil filtering system CSP with Aeroquip hozes and fittings, full flow adapter, pump cover with oil relief valve and Fram HP1 filter add 225.50€


● Extra oil cooling system CSP with Aeroquip hozes and fittings, thermostat and 330 x 165mm oil cooler add 520.00€